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under way 在进行中;已经开始

【例】Preparations are under way for a week of special events in May.五月份特别活动周的准备工作已在进行中。

close(shut)oneʼs eyes to 视而不见;不理会

【例】We do not close our eyes to the difficulties.我们并非无视这些困难。

range from…to… 从……到……的范围

【例】Courses range from cookery to computing.课程多种多样,从烹饪到计算机操作应有尽有。

senior to 比……年长

【例】I am ten years senior to him.我比他年长十岁。

dismiss sb. / sth. as sth. 不予考虑;摒弃;对……不屑一提

【例】He just laughed and dismissed my proposal as unrealistic.他只是笑了笑,认为我的建议不切实际,不予考虑。

knock off 收工;匆匆完成;杀死

【例】Letʼs knock off the work early and go to the football game.咱们早点收工去看球赛吧。

out of breath 喘不过气来

【例】The five - mile run le? us all out of breath. 五英里的长跑让我们都上气不接下气了。

concern oneself about / with 关心

【例】He doesnʼt concern himself about what people say.不管人们怎么讲,他都不关心。

on earth 究竟,到底;世界上

【例】How on earth did you irritate him?你究竟是怎么把他惹怒的?

have the last word 最终决定;最后裁决

【例】Weʼd better let the chairman of the meeting have the last word.我们最好还是让主席做最后的决定。

substitute for 取代,替代

【例】Peter substitute for the injured player.彼得替换了那个受伤的运动员。

for certain 肯定地;有把握地

【例】They didnʼt say anything for certain. 他们没有给出任何确切的答复。

be considerate of 体谅

【例】Why not learn to be considerate of your parents?为什么不能学会体谅你的父母呢?

on the ground(s) of / that 因为,基于……理由

【例】She would never discriminate anyone on the ground of poverty.她从不因一个人穷就歧视他。

have confidence in sb. / sth. 信任

【例】We have confidence in the mayor.我们信任这位市长。

share in 分担;分享

【例】He shared in my sorrows as well as in my joys.他分担我的悲伤,也分享我的快乐。

take a glance / look at 看⼀眼(强调动作)

【例】She takes a glance at that strange man. 她看了一眼那个奇怪的人。

in place 在适当的位置;准备就绪

【例】She likes to have everything in place. 她喜欢把每件东西都各就各位。

bring / put…into practice 把……付诸实践

【例】His aim is to bring the theory into practice. 他的目标是把理论运用于实践中。

abide by 遵守(法律、决定等);信守(诺言、原则等)

【例】Everyone must abide by the law. 每个人都须守法。

be on about sth. 谈论(某事)

【例】I didnʼt know what he was on about. 我不知道他说的什么

by turns 轮换地

【例】They have to on duty this weekend by turns. 他们这周末必须轮换值班。

on memory of 为纪念……

【例】They set up educational fund on memory of their grandfather. 他们为纪念祖父而设立了一项教育基金。

be ashamed of 感到羞愧;惭愧

【例】What is there to be ashamed of confessing oneʼs errors? 承认自己的错误有什么可羞愧的呢?

congratulate sb. On 祝贺

【例】We congratulated him on having passed the exam. 我们祝贺他通过了考试。

in place of(= instead of) 代替

【例】Plastics are now o?en used in place of wood or metal. 现在塑料经常被用来代替木料或金属。

have an advantage over 胜过;优于

【例】A man who can think wisely always have an advantage over others.善于动脑的人总是会胜过别人。

be indicative of 表明,说明

【例】His investigation was indicative of his interest in this problem. 他的调查显示了他在这个问题上的兴趣。

at oneʼs leisure 有空时;方便时

【例】Please come and visit us at your leisure. 有空请来我们这里做客。

keep…to oneself 保守秘密

【例】I kept your secret to myself all these years . 这些年来我一直保守着你的秘密。

be used to doing习惯于

【例】She is used to reading at night. 她习惯在晚上看书。

at random 任意地

【例】The librarian took a book at random from the shelf. 图书管理员从书架上随意拿了一本书。

lean on 依靠,依赖;对……施压

【例】We lean on our friends when we are in trouble.我们遇到困难时依靠朋友帮助。

encourage sb. In 鼓励某人……

【例】I encourage my daughter in DIY. 我鼓励女儿自己动手做东西。

look sb. in the eye 正视;打量(某人)

【例】I wonʼt be able to look him in the eye if I lie. 我要是撒谎,我就不敢直视他的眼睛。

demand sth. of / from sb. 向某人要求某物

【例】The consumers may demand compensation from the holders of the business license. 消费者可以向营业执照的持有人要求赔偿。

on the increase 在增加

【例】Cinema attendances are distinctly on the increase. 电影观众在明显地增加。

on the back of在……(外面的)后部

【例】You hit me on the back of the head! 你砸着我的后脑勺了!

with the result that 其结果是

【例】I was late,with the result that I was punished. 我迟到了,结果受到了惩罚。

turn oneʼs back on sb. 抛弃,背弃;不理睬(某人)

【例】We cannot turn our back on the world outside. 我们不能抛弃这个世界。on record


【例】It is on record that the summer was the hottest for 50 years. 记录说今夏是50年来最热的。

be / get out of practice 生疏;疏于练习

【例】Donʼt ask me to speak French!Iʼm out of practice. 可别让我讲法语!我已经生疏了

on a large scale 大规模地

【例】This district used to grow cotton on a large scale. 这个地区过去大量种棉花。

in search of 寻找

【例】Hungry beggars roamed the streets in search of food.! 饥饿的乞丐在街上徘徊寻找食物。

by comparison相比之下,比较起来

【例】The pair of shose are cheaper by comparison.相比之下这双鞋要便宜些。

in comparison with和……比起来

【例】She is much more diligent in comparison with me.和我比起来,她勤奋多了。

fit into(使)适合;(使)融为⼀体;纳⼊

【例】Where does this vase fit into the picture?这个花瓶适合放在这幅画的什么方位?

inferior to比……差

【例】His performance is inferior to others.他的表现比其他人差。

in oneʼs face当着某人的面

【例】The manager said that the company is difficult to operate in every employeesʼ faces.经理当着全体雇员的面公开表示公司运转困难。

spare a moment to do 抽出一点时间做……

【例】Please spare a moment to help me find my cell phone.请抽出一点时间帮我找一下手机。


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